What to look for in a live band


If you are a couple that likes Britpop, then you will be disappointed if the band plays mostly classic Rock music. It’s important to choose a band that has a very diverse setlist, however that suits YOUR style. After all, it’s your wedding day!

The Wow! Factor

We are quite sure that one of the main reasons you are hiring a band is to make your wedding stand out. Finding the right style is one of the key, but also the band has to have a stage presence, the Wow! Factor. Some bands, whilst being great musically, don’t invest in the “party” gear and end up not creating an atmosphere for people to dance.

These extras will get you and your guests on party mode with lights, lasers and a bit of smoke or fog (if your venue allows).

Professional audio and lighting gear

Professional gear makes a difference between a band sounding OK and GREAT. A Pro band will rely on an audio equipment that will give the best sound for all instruments, where you can hear everything, from a punchy bassline to crystal clear vocals.

A lighting rig will change from a band with a singer to a club atmosphere, with different colours and effects that impress and create the mood to dance like nobody is watching.


It’s always good to set a realistic budget, this will help you find out the best entertainment, without breaking the bank. There is a big difference between a band playing at a pub and a wedding, the preparation, number of songs, quality of equipment and months of practice to create a synergy between the band are a few key differences, which end up affecting the price.

Just like anything else, different prices will give you different options. Bands playing on a budget will often not offer DJ set, have a reduced playing time and having less gear (and Wow! factor).

Contract, Insurance and PAT testing

A truly professional band will always put everything in writing, arrival times, how long to play, when to finish, extra services (DJ, late finish, etc) and more. They will also be insured and have their electrical equipment PAT tested (this is required by most venues) as standard.


We’ll be honest with you. Sometimes things go wrong. There, we said it. Guitar strings break, drum skins tear, or someone (perhaps a guest) knocks a mic into a jug of water. Professional bands will be prepared for almost everything. They will be ready for scenarios that cover simply having a backup instrument, tuned and ready to go nearby to contact with professional backup musicians. We are all humans and there are we just not able to do it, but the show must and will go on. 


If you want advice, our team will be happy to help. We deal with many weddings and artists, it will be a pleasure to help you get your big day just like you dreamed it.