About us

First of all, thank you being interested to learn more about who we are. Our core team is formed by professionals with many years of experience on large organizations and our main goal is to go way beyond your expectations. We focus on a transparent, fair and well-timed communication with you, being very clear and super organized.

Beyond our professional background, we are also musicians. As such, we know the common pitfalls and how to ensure that your event will have flawless entertainment. Our founders are:

Halley had worked with technology for over 15 years on numerous projects varying in size and complexity. This experience helps us to build new ways to improve the relationship with customers and artists helping to reduce costs, that can be converted in benefits for both, clients and artists. He is also drummer and (frustrated) guitarist, but please don't let him sing.

Chris is a computer geek and music enthusiast. He brings a high standard of organization and attention to details. One of his traits is that he is a perfectionist and likes to make sure all details are crystal clear.  On his spare time, he likes to be on stage playing bass, (almost) no matter what song, he just enjoys playing.

Matt is a storm trooper. Yes, really! Apart from a very geek background he brings years of expertise enabling projects on multi-nationals he has a very special (and effective) way to gain trust and work with people. But don't be alarmed just because he is on the dark side, he is like Fin, a good guy!